Morgathos - Rise of Nations

Log - Expansion

The Party succeeded in relocating around 40 refugees back to Dralas. They are currently relaxing and resting for the next task that they will face.


Out of the Rubble

It has been almost fifteen years to the day that the Citadel of Korgath was obliterated. On the neighboring continent of Gristol, Racial tensions have almost returned to where they were prior to the Great War. It has been almost six months since the United Elven Republic recaptured the city of Dralas. Once the hub of trade and travel throuout the continent, Dralas has been reduced nearly completely to rubble. This last struggle to reclaim it from the Orcs has rendered the city largely inaccessible.

Day after day, Thokk Madra meets with his council in an effort to make sense of the chaos that plagues this dying city. Thokk was asked by the United Elven Republic to help them rebuild the city and reunite the rest of the towns, cities, and villages on Gristol so that the tragedies and the atrocities that took place during the Great War never happen again.

Thokk has been in contact with Fenrill, as well as several other organizations that he has built up a rapport with during his time as a general. Now he has sent out a continent-wide call for help, willing to accept any and all people, regardless of their philosophies or disciplines, to come to the aid of Dralas.

Each one of you has been made aware of the situation, in one way or another. For your own reasons, each of you finds yourself drawn to take up this cause and set out for Dralas. The road will prove difficult, and the challenges ahead of you will be unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before. But still you will heed the call.

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