Thokk Madra

Mayor of Dralas, Thokk seeks to reunite and rebuild what survived after the Great War

  • Race: Half-orc
  • Age: 43
  • Height: 6’2"
  • Weight: 280lbs


Thokk wears an eye patch over his right eye. His pale green skin has several old scars running across it, but only the nasty one on the left side of his face is usually visible. When he is not dealing with his administrative duties, he can be seen out and about in Dralas, doing anything and everything from helping with manual labor to playing khas. While he is “in the office,” Thokk is usually dressed formally (for a half-orc). But when he isn’t attending to his duties as Mayor, he is much less modest in his attire.


Thokk Madra was a still a pup when the first crusaders came to Gristol. He watched most of his tribe fall in battle with humans waving the banner of “Cuthbert of the Cudgel.” When those that would fight had been put down, those that would not fight were executed as part of what the humans called “the cleansing.” The only survivors were the cowards that fled before the initial skirmish had ended. Among those was Thokk’s father, Kabras.

Kabras fled to the east with Thokk and Thokk’s older sister, Yorda. He sought to hide in the mithril mines, but was overtaken during the third day. Shot in the back by a human archer, Kabras collapsed. Thokk, who Kabras had been carrying, fell to the ground, striking his head on a rock and falling unconscious. When he awoke, both his father and his sister lay dead.

Thokk was found by clerics of Kord a day later and taken to their monastery near Pax. There, he was trained in combat arts as well as aesthetics and magical practices. In the following years, his hatred of humans was re-focused into a hatred for St. Cuthbert. When he felt confident in his abilities, he left the monastery and sought a fighting force in Pax in which to enlist.

His training and passion allowed him to quickly climb through the ranks of military service, until he was himself the leader of a batallion of soldiers. When finally able to confront the religious zealots of St. Cuthbert, Thokk fell upon them with a furious wrath usually seen only in the most reckless berserkers. His forces pushed them back in every encounter. Even after their forces would retreat or flee, he pressed the attacks, not stopping until every last invader had felt cold steel in his belly.

But his fury were only directed at the servants of Cuthbert. Towards the end of the war, Thokk and a small elite squad under his command came upon a group of elven refugees. This family had fled from the city of Dralas after it had been sacked by Orcs, who at this point in the war were killing elves on sight. Thokk showed mercy to them, and even escorted them to the nearest elven fortification, under his protection and at the risk of his own life.

The war eventually ended, in a way. The invading zealots that sought to cleanse the world of anything not pure and holy were either forced out of Gristol or slaughtered. The racial tensions between the elves and the orcs (and their respective kin) slowly returned to nearly the level it had been at before the war. The Elves eventually recaptured Dralas. Remembering the kindness of Thokk, they asked the now retired General to take up a new mantle of leadership and help restore the city and the surrounding area to some semblance of stability and power.

Thokk Madra

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