Thamior Liadon

The red scales and lava-colored eyes are the first of several things you notice that are a little off when you meet with this elven mage.


Standing about six-and-a-half feet tall, Thamior Liadon is probably the physically strongest mage in the academy at Fenrill—his draconic father happened to give him the muscle associated with those of his race. Don’t let his muscle mass fool you—he is one of the best diviners on the continent. He wears a light blue robe over his red-scaled skin, providing a pleasant contrast in colors that plays to the vain side of his heritage that he tries his hardest to control.

It is well known among those who would pay attention that Liadon is both a powerful wizard and sorcerer, and mixes his magics using different skills he has picked up during his rather long life. His versatility with magic has granted him a number of apprentices seeking training in more esoteric forms of magic, often types of which he is not actually a practitioner. His specialization in divination gives him an edge as a teacher since he can figure out what a student is supposed to learn and the best fashion in which to learn.


He has been studying magic longer than most of the other mages on Gristol have been walking. Liadon might not be the highest ranked mage in Fenrill, but he certainly is one of the most sought-after diviners for his knack at reading into the vague answers he often receives from his spells.

Part of the reason he doesn’t possess as much political power in Fenrill is due to the fact that he is often “preoccupied” with women. This can range from flirting, ogling, making like a dragon with two backs, or simply involving himself in more lawsuits than the number of spells in his book (his favorites are framed in his office). While nothing worse than a sexual harassment charge has actually made it through the Fenrillic lawyers protecting him, the ruling members of the council feel that he is too “involved” with his students and would rather he “pursued academic and scholarly research in areas other than female anatomy” before giving him the political leverage that is customary to such a powerful mage.

Thamior Liadon

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