Kate Bahlmajik

"I wasn't going to help you, but I've had a sudden change of heart."


Race: Elan
Class: Psion (Telepath) 6
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Alignment: NG
Religion: None
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 167 lbs

Str 9 -1
Dex 16 +3
Con 12 +1
Int 18 +4
Wis 14 +2
Cha 13 +1

Fort: 4
Refl: 6
Will: 8

Speed 30ft
Initiative 3
Grapple 1

HP 38
AC 14
Touch 14
Flat-f 11

Racial Traits:
Aberation, Resistance (Su), Resilience (Su), Repletion (Su)

Elan Resilience, Psicrystal Affinity, Psionic Body, Overchannel, Talented

Powers 13, Primary discipline telepathy, Power Points 49
Powers Attraction, Psionic Charm, Mindthrust, Conceal Thoughts, Inertial Armor, Touchsight, Mindlink, Control Sound, Dispel Psionics, Energy Push, Psionic Levitate, [need 2 more]

light crossbow: 6atk 1d8dmg 19-20/x2 80ft P 20 bolts
dagger: +2/
6(thrown)atk 1d4-1/1d4-1dmg 19-20/x2
deepcrystal quarterstaff 1/1 mindfeeding parrying: +3atk 1d6dmg x2
touch attack: +2atk
ranged touch attack: +6atk

Armor: Skin of Ectoplasmic Armor

Possesions: Heward’s Handy Haversack, flask, ink, ink pen, small steel mirror, 5 sheets of parchement, 5 sheets of paper, flint and steel, 3 torches, 3 trail rations, soap, traveler’s outfit, average blue dress, fine white dress, house key, 2 cure lightpotions, 1 lesser restoration potion, 1 protection from good potion?, 19 pally pamphlets, Gauntlets of Ogre Power +2, 2 power stones, cognizance crystal max charge 3, 2 gems 1 purple 1 black money: 1407gp 4cp

Skills: Bluff 10, Concentration 10, Diplomacy 8, all Knowledge skills 5 (nature, nobility/royalty, psionics all at 9), Psicraft 10, Sense Motive 10

Languages: Common, Celestial, Elven, Goblin, Sylvan

Str 1 -5
Dex 15 +2
Con -
Int 8 -1
Wis 10 0
Cha 10 0

Fort: 3
Refl: 5
Will: 7

Speed 30ft, 20ft climb
Initiative 2
Grapple -17

HP 19
Hardness 8
AC 18
Touch 16
Flat-f 14

Personality: Liar

Skills: Balance 2, Climb (can always take 10) 10/14?, Listen 6, Move Silently 6, Search 4, Spot 6, Hide 14

Feats: Alertness

Special Abilities: natural armor adj. (Ex), intelligence adj. (Ex), grant alertness (Ex), improved evasion (Ex), personality (Ex), self propulsion (Su), share powers (Su), sighted (Ex), telepathic link (Su), deliver touch powers (Su), telepathic speech (Ex)



Kate is not her real name, but it’s the only one she’s willing to tell anyone. At only two years old she was left in the care of a church of Heironeous in Gristol. Her upbringing was steeped in the traditions of the church. She could hear the call of Heironeous and became the squire of the paladin Joxxer at ten years old. An older man and not the typical paladin, Joxxer always stressed the importance of doing what was good and granting mercy, rather than meeting out punishment. More often than not, they allowed enemies to live, rather than see their souls fill up the bowels of Hell or the courts of the dark gods. After six short years of traveling the continent she had become a paladin in her own right. At that time, the Great War had only just begun.

At first the grand crusade was an excellent opportunity to put an end to much evil in the world. Kate was even put in charge of leading some missions. For the fifth one she was put in charge she was told there was the trappings of cult activity in a small, out of the way village in the mountains. She and her fellow Heironeans investigated the town and surrounding areas but could find no evidence of any cult worship whatsoever. Because the church elders had never led them astray her second in command for the mission, a rash cleric named Dustin, became absolutely convinced the villagers were hiding something from them. Kate came upon Dustin overseeing the beating of one of the head villagers by another paladin. She was furious, not only was such an act reprehensible, but the whole group had come across no evil in the area. Expressing her outrage was her first mistake. Dustin had poisoned the minds of the rest of the group. Not only did they all believe that the villagers were using some kind of ancient magic to prevent them from seeing any evil, but he used her outburst to convince them that she was in collusion with the villagers. Her former friends surrounded her and attacked, but they proved to be no match for her. Their oaths broken, they did not have the benefit of divine aid that she did. In short order they had all been given bad injuries, but none that were deadly. She asked them to surrender; pointing out the Heironeous was no longer with them. Ignoring her they pressed their attack and she slew them all, decapitating Dustin. She prayed right there for several hours, wishing for the ability to stop people from taking such actions without so much killing. She also contemplated how easy it seemed her fellows had turned to darkness.

Upon her return to the temple and relaying her story she was arrested and jailed. Given a mock trial, they dressed her in rags instead of the fine linens of the holy servant of a deity. No one came to her defense, and her honor was spit upon by those she once held dear. The sentence they gave her was that she was to be subjected to the Tears of Heironeous. It used to be a series of trials in which a fallen servant of the god could have a chance at redemption. It was not this anymore. When she was brought to the cellars of the church, she was quite certain these followers were no longer receiving their spells from Heironeous, whether they recognized this or not. For 13 days and nights she was tortured without end. There was only small pauses during which the torturer changed for a different one or they needed someone to perform a bit of healing to keep her lucid for her punishment.

At the end of the thirteenth night she was rescued. Her savior was a single man who seemed to do all sorts of things without actually doing much, not even the casting of spells. Calling himself Nantucket he told her how he could feel her pain radiating along mental waves miles away. Had he not saved her, he surely would’ve been driven mad. It was a little too late for her though. No longer entirely sane, she was wholly unable to care for herself. Her wounds were many, and there is much that healing magic cannot fix. He eventually brought her the house of healing in Dralas.

For many years she remained there, her powers as a paladin waning because she did not use them in the pursuit of good. During that time a sympathetic visitor gave her a wonderfully shaped topaz because it seemed to ease her mind. Five years ago, her rescuer came to see her. He told her that his real name was Ionin Boros, and asked how she had fared these many years. She told him how her time had been and expressed an interest in going out to help heal the war torn land. She also wanted to find surefire ways of overcoming obstacles without so much violence. Ionin was intrigued and presented her with the option of becoming an elan. The process would give her mental powers similar to those he had used to save her so many years ago, and would ensure that she wouldn’t have to worry so much about the day to day troubles of being a human. It would even wipe away her old scars and injuries; her body would truly be reborn. The downside was that it would wipe away any abilities she still possessed. She would retain her memories, but be free to shape herself as she saw fit.

A month later she accepted his offer and underwent a secret weeklong ritual. She was then trained to harness her newfound abilities. The topaz she was given during her stay at the house of healing became her psicrystal. She also did something to her psicrystal to have it double as a strange fortune telling device. After two years she returned to Dralas with the intention of starting over and doing what she could to help out. Thus far she’s done some minor acts of good, but hopes to find opportunities to do greater things. Recently she has participated in a couple of negotiations that were meant to help improve the city and surrounding area.

Personality, Attitude, Likely Actions, etc.

She’s a charmer, manipulator, and negotiator, preferring to use non-violent means to solve problems. Others might consider her tactics a little underhanded or think that she compromises too easily, but she believes she’s doing what it takes to further the cause of good in a much better manner. That isn’t to say that she is above combat or any such hog-swallow. She just prefers negotiation over fighting, is likely to allow enemies at least one chance to surrender, and is far more apt to lean towards mercy and redemption instead of killing.

Still the pious type, she mostly prays to whatever kind spirit might be listening. She no longer truly worships any god, having completely lost faith in Heironeous. It wasn’t that his other followers had gone far off the path of righteousness, but more so that he seemed to not do anything to stop them.

The ritual also made her recall some of her earliest memories. In an effort to keep some of the ties to her past she has begun to learn how to dance as well, in emulation of who she was told was her sister.

She gets a little twitchy when people bring up her past. She refuses to speak about the things that had made her into a mental wreck, and the same twitch shows up when anyone near her talks about torture. If she saw anyone ever being tortured, it is highly likely that she would fly into a fit of rage and do as much damage as she could to whoever was having people tortured.

She does her best to hide that she is an elan and a psion. Elans are secretive as it is, and it is quite rare to know that someone actually is one. The only people that know what she is are Ionin and any of the other elan that were present for the ritual. To everyone else she is simply human. To hide this, she doesn’t do things that would be considered out of the ordinary when in the company of others. As for being a psion, she passes off her powers as minor but very useful magic she’s picked up over the years.

She also uses her psicrystal as a unique fortune telling device. She often asks it questions, shakes it a bunch, and then waits for an answer to appear. While this method has not been entirely accurate, Kate trusts the answers she receives more than anything or anyone else.

She tends to wear fairly fancy clothes, considering them much better than armor for social situations. Unless she is expecting danger, it is highly unlikely you’ll find her in armor.

Kate Bahlmajik

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