Boris Hammerhawk

An old merchant who lost everything in the Great War

  • Race: Dwarf
  • Age: 164 years
  • Height: 5’
  • Weight: 175lbs


Boris stands a little taller than most Dwarves, and unlike most others of his race, keeps his beard and hair trimmed short. He wears a prosthetic leg made entirely out of Mithral, which he forged himself after the Illithid Purge.


Boris Hammerhawk began life as most dwarves do, springing from the womb with an axe in one hand, a mug of ale in the other, and a swear word on his lips. His mother died shortly after the birth of his younger sister Drode, and his father was killed in a cave-in under Balthom.

Swearing that he would not die with mine dust in his beard, Boris focused on more martial endeavors and eventually joined the ranks of the dwarven army. He lost his left leg during the Illithid Purge, and that ended his career as a soldier. The nature of the wound resisted restorative magic, so he was forced use a prosthetic leg, which he crafted himself and still wears to this day. With nothing else to do, he joined his sister and her husband, who had become merchants. Initially he was a clerk, and over time all of them discovered that he was in fact quite good with numbers, and eventually he became an equal partner in their business.

Boris spent his middle years as a merchant. Under his guidance, the Hammerhawk name eventually became known throughout Balthom, Dralor, and Gristol as the end-all be-all of high quality goods and equipment at fair prices. But during the Great War, on a routine trip to Pax, his caravan was attacked by Marauders. In the aftermath, he was left with a single burning wagon out of a train of seven. The rest had been ransacked and destroyed. Littering the ground were the bodies of almost two dozen of his clansmen, including his sister and her husband Rouslan. He sought refuge in Pax, where he joined the fighting as a quartermaster, eventually helping to establish and fortify supply lines all across Gristol.

Boris met Thokk Madra around the time that Thokk was given a promotion to General. When the time came for Thokk to command an elite band of soldiers, he sought out Boris. Between his experience as a soldier and his talents with supply lines and strategic wisdom, Boris helped Thokk win decisive battles with his small band of guerrilla warriors.

Today, Boris still works closely with Thokk. Boris is in charge of the treasury of Dralas, as well as assisting the business secretary.

Boris Hammerhawk

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