Toby Hoopcap

A Retired Adventurer and Entertainer

  • Race: Halfling
  • Age: 68
  • Height: 2’ 10"
  • Weight: 35 lbs


Toby is quite the oddity. His stocky build and long beard make him look more like a miniature Dwarf than a halfling. What hair he has left circles his head, leaving a bare spot on his crown. Surrounded by the wisps of dark hair, on top of his head, is a tattoo of a flaming bird of some kind.

Toby is never found without an instrument, either in his hand or strapped to his back. Despite his serious appearance, he is quite jovial and quick-witted, even if that wit tends to get him in trouble with the locals. He spends his days “reinvigorating” workers and citizens, keeping morale high and spirits up with songs, stories, and acrobatic tricks he’s picked up over the years.


Toby Hoopcap was actually born in Dralas long before the war. Being a halfling, his family was relegated to the outskirts of the city with the “lesser citizens;” the poor, the criminal, the sickly, etc. The uppity elven council that was running things at the time thought that poverty and ugliness were contagious. Growing up he had a fondness for music, and an almost instinctual ability for song and dance that helped earn his family more meals than the work his father and mother did as carpenters. When he was twelve his parents presented him with his first real instrument, mainly because they were sick of him making such a racket with their pots and pans.

Toby eventually found a retired bard living in the city that took him in and taught him some of the basics. The bard, a human named “Tommy Two-toes” (because he was missing most of the toes on his right foot) stressed the importance of getting out and experiencing the stories and tales of the world. “Don’t just hear the different musics of the world, learn to play them. Make them your own,” he said time and time again. Finally, on his twentieth birthday, Toby set out to do just that.

Toby was on Kesch, learning local legends about a lich and the disappearance of both the frost giants and the werebears in the same year, when The Great War came to Morgathos. Thinking it an exciting opportunity to learn more songs and stories, Toby hurried off to Elta to try to add some battle hymns to his repertoire. Of course, there aren’t many things more out of place in a war zone than a halfling bard more interested in incorporating the battle cries and sounds of spells into his music, trying to find the right chord that captures the fury of that Crushing Fist of Spite spell that was just cast.

Over the course of the war, Toby narrowly escaped certain doom many times, much to the chagrin of whatever group of soldiers he happened to be “tagging along with” at the time. He was actually on Elta, talking to some druids in Cradle Lake, when the High Gods destroyed the Citadel of Korgath, a few miles away. Even today, it is still Toby’s favorite story. As the war wound down and Morgathos slowly went back to something resembling its old ways, Toby found himself longing for home. Returning to Dralas, he was horrified to find his city little more than a pile of rubble. Of course, the fact that it was occupied by Orcs didn’t really add to the old nostalgic aesthetic, but that was a relatively minor problem, all things considered.

Toby worked in the city, using his limited healing talents and his arsenal of songs to rally survivors, rebuilding his city block by block. When the Elves came to reclaim the city six months ago, Toby’s small band of warriors helped in what ways they could, laying traps for the Orcs and providing support for the Elves. Today, he’s working with Thokk Madra, doing the same thing he was before the city was “liberated.”

Toby Hoopcap

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